This is for friends that believe in you when you need that extra push. This post is dedicated to Alama; a friend that i describe as a sister. 

Towards the end of last year (2019), around November I remember saying to Alama "I think I am going to branch into photography, by this I mean.... I want to start taking photography serious, what do you think?"

Alama has always been one amongst few friends that has always supported my wildest dreams and craziest decisions. At the time, we were skyping during this conversation and she replied "Why not? you would be amazing at it, considering the fact that you have been taking your own pictures for the past few months".

I had already made my mind up about being a freelancer photographer, however Alama's encouragement was an icing on the bun.

Fast forwarding to December (2019), which was a busy period for me in terms of trying to balance coursework and shooting my personal content. 

During a Skype conversation, Alama suddenly said to me "Morin will you be free this December to shoot for my upcoming brand?" prior to this Alama had been vigorously working on her clothing brand; I was really shocked she asked me to take pictures to showcase her design. The level of trust she had in me left me totally gobsmacked.

At this point I knew my true journey to  photography had began but I was very nervous about not meeting Alama's expectations.

I worked tirelessly to make sure the photos turned out well and the level of satisfaction to listen to Alama say "I love all the pictures, I don't know which one to post" will forever be engraved in my mind.

To Alama, thank you for trusting me and I am certain that your creativity will take the world by surprise.

I just want to also share a special thanks to Naomi which was the makeup artist for this shoot; because without her help this shoot wouldn't have been complete. Remember to keep chasing your dreams.

Also special thanks to Dee, our lovely Model who withstood the weather and still managed to perform beautifully. 

This dress was designed by @alamabazin

Makeup was by @naomi

Model is @unseen_honeychild

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